Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection is one of the most critical functions of every IT enterprise. The vast majority of compromises within organizations involves the use of malware by attackers. Unfortunately, keeping all endpoints protected is a tall order, and anti-malware software alone is not enough. You need a solution that will block malicious software before it ever reaches the endpoint.
Tectonic Security offers a managed solution that will protect all your endpoints from malware, botnets and phishing, and will detect and contain advanced attacks before they can cause damage. Setup is simple and straightforward and is transparent to your end users. We will work with you to understand your business and will implement the security policies you need to satisfy your endpoint security requirements.
Our managed endpoint protection service provides the following benefits:
  • Protect all your devices instantly, even mobile devices that are located outside of your corporate network
  • Contain advanced attacks and block malware, botnets and phishing (including emerging threats not detected by most signature based anti-malware software)
  • Block access to known malicious websites and malvertising campaigns
  • Prevent infected devices from exfiltrating your corporate data by blocking their access to botnet command and control servers
  • Protect your users from phishing attacks by blocking access to fraudulent websites
  • Enforce your corporate policies regarding Internet content by restricting access to over 60 categories of websites such as pornography, gaming, hate speech and many more
  • Ability to implement blacklists and whitelists, and to provide different levels of access based on roles within your organization
  • Granular reporting that allows you complete visibility into what websites your employees are accessing at any time
  • Achieve compliance with industry and governmental regulations