Incident Management

It is an unfortunate reality that most businesses at some point will have a security incident. It may be a malware outbreak, an external hacker compromising a customer database, a denial of service attack or even an insider attack from a trusted staff member. No matter what type of security incident occurs, you must be prepared ahead of time to deal with the situation.
Tectonic Security provides incident management services to help our clients respond to any type of security incident. Our incident response services include:
  • Preparation
    • Development of an incident management plan that details roles, responsibilities, procedures and communication
    • Incident response plan gap analysis to ensure the plan can be executed in the event of an incident
    • Breach notification and compliance planning
    • Incident response testing and walk throughs
  • Response
    • Analysis to understand the extent of the incident and the affected assets
    • Assistance in the handling and management of security incidents
    • Root cause analysis and eradication of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Post-Incident Response
    • Testing of assets to ensure vulnerabilities have been resolved and a repeat incident does not occur
    • Incident post-mortem analysis to determine how a future incident response can be improved
    • Documentation and report of incident and response