Security Assessments

A security assessment is frequently the first step that businesses want to take to understand their security posture, what they need to do to improve it, and how to mitigate risk. There are many different types of security assessments and Tectonic Security has the expertise necessary to conduct a thorough evaluation of your environment. Our security assessments services include:
  • Enterprise Security Risk Assessment
    Our enterprise security risk assessment provides a high-level review and analysis of your information security practices. We provide you with an evaluation of your information security program including your operational processes and procedures, identify gaps in controls, identify areas for improvement, and provide guidance on a remediation.
  • Network Security Review
Our network security review provides an assessment of your network security and architecture. We evaluate your network design and perform testing to uncover vulnerabilities that could be used by malicious hackers to gain access to your systems. We will review your security controls and make recommendations for improving existing controls and implementing new ones to reduce risk to an acceptable level.
  • Firewall Audit
Performing a regular audit of your firewall(s) is an important task to ensure that your network is properly protected and that you are meeting regulatory compliance. We will evaluate your firewall(s) to determine if it has any known vulnerabilities, and we will analyze its configuration to ensure that it is in line with industry best practices. Additionally, we will determine if your firewall meets all applicable regulatory standards that apply to your business.
  • Web Application Testing
Web applications are a common attack vector for hackers. We can test your website and web applications for vulnerabilities, and help implement appropriate counter-measures to improve the security of your applications.
  • Social Engineering Testing
Oftentimes it is the human element that presents the greatest risk to your organizations security. People are usually well-meaning and eager to help, but malicious hackers use this to their advantage. Social engineering is one of the most common and effective methods used by criminals to gain access to networks. We can conduct social engineering tests to determine effective defenses and training that will reduce your level of risk.