Web Application Security

Web applications represent one of the most attractive targets for malicious hackers. The reason is simple: websites frequently have high-value information that can be used for the financial benefit of criminal groups. Unfortunately, most web applications have vulnerabilities that could allow unauthorized access to data and/or could allow the site to be compromised completely. Tectonic Security uses a variety of tools and methodologies to evaluate your website and uncover vulnerabilities. We don’t just look for the most common vulnerabilities such as the OWASP Top 10, but also seek to discover lesser known, but equally important ones.
Our web application security services include:
  • An assessment of your websites and web applications for known vulnerabilities
  • A review of your ability to defend against a denial of service attack
  • Identification of flaws in the business logic of your applications
  • Review and validate the effectiveness of your perimeter controls
  • Evaluation of access and other security controls currently in place to protect your web applications
  • Prioritized list of discovered vulnerabilities and potential impact to your organization
  • Expert advice and recommendations on how to improve the security of your site